How is the weather in Mallorca?

How is the weather in Mallorca

How is the weather in Mallorca – and in Sóller ?

The weather plays a big role in our choosing where and when to go on a holiday. We are so lucky, that in Mallorca, we have more than 300 sunny days a year. The climate is something on its own, and we cannot design it as we want, but in Mallorca you will get lots of time to enjoy the sun, outdoors activities, wether you like to just stroll around, go cycling, trekking, play tennis or simply just sit down with a glass of wine or a cup of coffey, and see the world passing by.

So how is the weather in Mallorca – how is the weather in Sóller ?

Well, the winter, december to february, is mild and mostly with daily temperatures in between 12-18 degress in daytime, a few degrees more directly in the sun.  We will have 5-6 sun hours per day. The nights will mostly be in between 6-12 degrees. We will get 2-3 periods with some storms and rain, mostly they will only last 3-4 days in passing. You will enjoy periodes with weather very suitable for outdoors activities. On a rainy day, you will enjoy to sit indoor at our outstanding Casa Hinges.

Spring is coming early – how is the weather in Mallorca in spring ?

The time from marts to may, springtime, its a wonderful time, where we will se everything turn green, and earlier than we are used to up north in Europe. The day temperatures will rise to the + 20 degrees very quickly. There will be some rainy days, but the number of sunny hours will go from 6 to 9 hours a day. This is the time best suitable for outdoor sports and acitivities.

Summer is warm and the water to – find out how is the weather in Mallorca in the summer

When getting to june and the next 3-4 months, this is our main summer season, and the daily temperatures will rise to mostly 25-40 degrees, july and august will be the warmest. We think of september as a part of our summer here. This is also the main season for beach and pool time. The water will reach around 26-28 degrees. This is also the time, where you might want to get up early in the morning to enjoy cycling og trekking. Before it gets to difficult in the heat. We see lots of cyclists setting out 6-7 in the morning, when it may only be around 20-25 degrees. Yes the night can be very warm to.

October to november – very different days -how is the weather in Mallorca in fall ?

Lots of people have the fall, oktober and november, as their favourite time of year here. Oktober and november is a time with very different days. You can reach 30 degrees and mostly sunny days, but you can also have days with 15 degrees and rain. And a storm or two will pop by. The funny thing is, we never know, when will be what. Its impossible to know. It changes from year to year. You may want to stay 2 weeks in stead of 1 week to be sure to get the best.

Conclusion on weather – Not a chance – but…

We know that april to october mostly is sunny and warm, with a few periodes with rain. But we also know, that we can reach 28 degrees in february, or 22 in christmas time in dcember. We also get 2 heatwaves with exstreem warm weather like 40-45 degrees in summer. This will normaly only be for a week. Thank god for aircontitions and shade at Casa Hinges. Mallorca is a very exciting place to be, we do have 4 different times of year, just like up noth. Its just better weather. So how is the weather in Mallorca? We dont know ahead, but mostly it will be like we say in this post.

Lots of sun, 300 days a year, and there will be some bad weatther to – but the sun is always just around the corner.

We cant tell the weather – just the statistics

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