From Palma Airport to Sóller

From Palma Airport to Sóller

From Palma Airport to Soller

Not all roads may lead to Sòller, but there are many opportunities to get directly and quickly to Soller, when you arrive at Palma Airport in Mallorca. We will try to help you understand, how you can get from Palma Airport to Sòller. Like most other places in Europe, there will be lots of different methods at different prices. So its really up to you. Maybe if you arrive early, you would want to take your time exploring the beautiful island on your way to Casa Hinges. On the other hand, you might just want to get there.

If you choose to drive a Taxi or rent a Car, then there are approximately 30 kilometers to Casa Hinges in Soller and the driving time takes approximately 35 minutes at normal traffic. What is normal traffic you may ask? Well there are the most cars on the roads in the morning, before and after the siesta time, and when people are driving home from work. In rush hour you may need 10-20 minuts more. Then again, he roads could be undergoing changes or work. Please dont stress. You will get there all in good time.

It is easy to take a taxi from the airport itself, there are always many taxi´s waiting for customers. You will find them right outside from the arrival area. You can also book a private transfer. We suggest you try to check prices and availability with solid transfer companys like SUNTRANSFERS and SHUTLE DIRECT. This a cheap way to get from Palma Airport to Sóller.

It is possible to book one or more seats on a shared bus from the airport to the hotels in the Soller area. You can book your seat or seats through several reputable bus companies. The ones we mention are just two of those, but among the most reliable. You must expect waiting time to up to one hour in the aiport, and if you go by shared transfer, the bus might have to stop at a few stops before you get to Casa hinges.

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